Biological Monitoring

What is Biological Monitoring?

“Biological Monitoring is the measurement and assessment of workplace agents or their metabolites either in tissues, secreta, excreta, expired air or any combination of these to evaluate exposure and health risk compared to an appropriate reference”

Employers Responsibility

  • Employers have responsibility to ensure that there are no risks from any chemicals while working. Any risks from chemicals have to be controlled or prevented under the COSHH.
  • Chemicals can enter the body through a number of ways – Inhaled , absorbed through the skin or swallowed due to not washing hands.
  • Biological Monitoring will measure the levels of chemicals exposed in the body to make sure the worker is not at any risk.
  • Biological Monitoring can be done through urine , blood or breath samples .
  • Workare Ltd can then give advice to the individual and employers based on results.
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