Good Practice Medicals

 What are Good Practice Medicals?

  • These medicals are not required by law but are beneficial because they can help to ensure that your worker is fit to do the job they are assigned to.
  • The majority of these medicals are job specific so if anyone changes job/nature of work they should be re assessed for the new work. e.g. someone fit to climb may not be fit to drive!
  • You would have these medicals carried out in order to help ensure that the person is fit to carry out their job and not put themselves or anyone else at risk.

Examples of Good Practice Medicals.

Baseline Medical

  • This medical provides  general medical information  and may highlight any areas of concern.
  • It also provides good “ baseline “medical information in case of future litigation claims.

Standard Driver Medical

  • This would normally apply to Fork Lift Truck drivers, Plant operators, normal and commercial/sales drivers.
  • Our driver medicals are specifically designed to  deal with driver issues.
  • Some plant operators may need Safety Critical Medicals which are different.

Standard Worker At Height Medical

  • We conducted all the Height medicals for the main subcontractors on the Sir Robert Mcalpine Admiral Insurance building that was constructed in Cardiff.
  • Anyone working at height whether on scaffolding or from harnesses and slings needs to be fit to do the job.
  • This is quite a demanding medical assessment involving physical elements.

Confined Space Worker Medical

  • The worker has to be able to work in small areas and be able to escape when needed.
  • This medical is based on a standard base line with added confined space elements.