Organisational Stress Risk Audits

Organisational Stress Risk Audits

Employers have a responsibility to:

  • Assess risk
  • Apply the principles of prevention
  • Ensure employees have the capability to do their jobs

Merely providing services is “not a panacea by which employers can discharge their duty of care”. United Kingdom case law is clear on the responsibilities of employers to provide, audit and communicate proactive mental health services to their employees in a consistent manner.

The Management of Health & Safety at Work (MHSW) Regulations 1999 requires all employers and the self-employed, to assess the risks from their work on anyone who may be affected by their ongoing activities. The regulations require employers to carry out a systematic examination of their work activities and record the significant findings of any assessment.

Experience demonstrates that most organisations:

  • Have no strategy for managing mental health at work
  • Have poor market knowledge of intervention options
  • Rarely run stress risk assessments
  • Have limited resources available to invest time into understanding data
  • Have a plethora of ad hoc interventions that do not operate within any set strategy

Assessing an organisation’s stress risk

An organisational stress risk assessment provides a detailed audit of compliance with legislation and how risk is managed on a day to day basis. It identifies the key pressures faced by staff and managers in the organisation.

Our stress risk assessment is based on an online survey, with a questionnaire using the H.S.E. standards for risk assessment and questions specifically developed for each individual organisation.

In addition, we can also provide supporting focus group sessions to provide the qualitative data to support the quantitative data of the organisational stress risk assessment. The set series of question developed for the focus groups are driven by and related to the stress risk assessment. The focus groups therefore follow on from the organisational stress risk assessment and are solution focused.

A stress risk assessment can cover your whole organisation or specific targeted areas.

The organisational stress risk audit


To ensure compliance with legislation and create a functional action plan to manage stress and mental health.


  • Develop a bespoke and confidential Stress Assessment to gauge the types and levels of pressures and stress in the organisation (data is cut across pre-set demographics set by the client organisation)
  • Provide communication aids to help the client organisation launch the assessment to employees.
  • Deploy the survey on ‘StressHUB’ – a dedicated website for the deployment and completion of the questionnaires.
  • Once an employee has completed the assessment, their results will be stored centrally ready for analysis in a group aggregated format.
  • We usually aim for around a 50% completion rate to ensure the data is representative.
  • We will analyse the data and present you with a corporate report. This will enable you to agree upon the actions necessary.
  • NOTE: To protect confidentiality, no group of less than 10 individuals will be reported upon.

A sample report is provided in conjunction with this document.

Key activities:

  • Information gathering
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing
  • Presentation of report

Focus groups

Are designed to establish qualitative data; are based on the results of the organisational stress risk assessment; and are solutions focused.

  • Up to four one-hour focus groups can be delivered in one day.
  • A maximum of 15-20 people per group.
  • Separate focus groups are run for employees, managers and senior managers.
  • Focus groups can be organised by location, division, directorate etc.

We will analyse the results of the focus groups and present you with a corporate report.

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