Wellbeing Plan - SMEs

Why the Wellbeing Plan?

A wellbeing plan is needed because knowledge alone doesn’t change behaviours, but this annual coaching plan does.

Making wellbeing work for you and your people

The Wellbeing Plan provides you with a low cost, ready-made, annual wellbeing programme, delivered online through The Wellbeing Plan website.

Coaching your people to live well, work well and achieve more.

Our online personal health coach team, coach your people to improve their health and lifestyle, with:

  • Personal coaching – unlimited access for your people to our online health coaches for personal coaching, support and motivation, 365 days a year
  • Support in following the website’s training plans – 4-week structured coaching programmes for your people to follow
  • Help to successfully complete the wellbeing challenges – two team wellbeing challenges are available each year for your people and their friends to participate in

Plus, additional support resources on the website include:

  • Information resources for a wide range of topics, plus a ‘Video Wall’
  • Each month our health coach team post a monthly health bulletin and podcast on the website

To keep your people engaged throughout the year, we send you themed promotional messages each month to promote the website. You will also receive a communications pack to launch the service and, before each Team Wellbeing Challenge, a campaign toolkit to maximise participation.

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