Absence & Sickness Management Clinic

Absence & Sickness Management Clinic

We can help to reduce sickness absence, ensuring that staff can return to work as soon as possible!

Are you a small business owner?

Are you spending a lot of time and effort trying to support employees with health issues at work?

Do your employees have a lot of short term absences?

Is the productivity of your business being affected?

Are you worried about expensive litigation?

Is regular staff absence putting pressure on other staff who are never off work?

If you answer yes to any of the above then use our Absence Clinic Services.

We Can Offer A Cost Effective Solution For Sickness Absence

Managing ill health adds a significant cost to most businesses in the UK. Employees take an average of 5.8 days sick a year and it’s not just the direct costs which mount up. The indirect costs of illness are significant too and the strain on other staff having to perform extra work, can mean that absence rates and levels of workplace stress can rise dramatically.

Occupational Health Nurse Advisors Can Help Reduce Sickness Absence

Lorainne Jenkins (Workare Ltd) and Jean Fisher (The OH Business) have over 40 years in Occupational Health between them and a wealth of experience in all aspects of Occupational Health.

Jean regularly publishes articles on absence management and has worked for National Organisations including Government and private sector. She has extensive experience in stress management and audit and has a robust approach to absence.

Lorainne similarly has worked for National Companies and Public sector as well as advising private sector and SMES’s on all areas of Occupational Health.

In order to ensure that you do receive the best advice possible always ensure that you use competent, professionally qualified Occupational Health professionals.

Both Lorainne and Jean are Specialist Practitioners with qualifications in OH and are on Part 3 of the NMC Register.

Using an Occupational Health Specialist Advisor can often be more cost effective than seeing an OH Physician as they are able to deal with non-complex cases. Workare can advise you on the best person to see when you send the initial referral form back to us.

  • We have regular Absence & Sickness Management Clinics and can also arrange to see employees as “single appointments”
  • We now offer face to face, telephone and Skype meetings for anyone off sick.
  • The meeting includes a follow up report and return to work advice.
  • As with The Physician clinics, we have agreed Service Level Agreements for the quick turnaround of reports.
  • Having in place a robust Occupational Health referral scheme can reduce sickness absence, promote return to work and give the referring company impartial independent advice.

If any health related employment situation looks as if it may progress to litigation, then Occupational Health advice is essential.