Standards and Accreditations

The level and standards of service that we provide to our customers is of paramount importance and apart from client evaluation another way of ensuring these standards are met is to be Accredited and Audited in the specialism.

We work with Human Resources and Safety Managers in order to ensure that you meet your legal requirements and your performance targets.

Always check out the Standards of the Occupation Health Company and qualifications of staff who provide the service. All Workare staff are qualified and experienced in the Speciality.

We are able to deliver a professional and accountable service that meets your requirements

Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service

We are pleased to announce that in 2013 we were the first private Occupational Health Company in Wales to be Accredited for the new Quality Award for OH providers and re accredited in 2018. The SEQOHS Accreditation Scheme ensures, through regular monitoring, that required standards are maintained by all Accredited OH Services. Assessment is against the SEQOHS Standards, which were developed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine in collaboration with a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary stakeholder group.  A rigorous audit is carried out every year against the standards. Source :

The Standards Are Grouped Into 6 Domains That Relate To:

  • Business probity (business integrity and financial propriety)
  • Information governance (adequacy and confidentiality of records
  • People (competency and supervision of occupational health staff)
  • Facilities and equipment (safe, accessible and appropriate)
  • Relationships with purchasers (fair dealing and customer focus)
  • Relationships with workers (fair treatment, respect and involvement)

Sustainable Development Charter


The Sustainable Development Charter encourages and enables organisations in Wales to become more sustainable – to make decisions that produce the best long-term outcomes for themselves and for the future of Wales. The Sustainable Development Charter is Wales’ highest profile commitment to sustainable development. Signing the Charter is a voluntary commitment aimed at improving the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.

Health In Construction

Health In Construction

We are a member of Health In Construction Group. The aim of the Group is to unite the construction industry in order to eradicate the ill health and disease caused by exposures to health hazards on building sites.

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