Airwave Health Monitoring Study

Officers Life Saved by Pioneering Project

From 2005 to 2008 the Home Office Research study overseen by Imperial College London started its Airwave Health Monitoring Study – looking at the effects of the then new Airwave radio on the UK Police Force. Workare ran the first ever clinical trial and screened over 6,000 police staff. The detailed free examination would cost £500 from BUPA. Book by contacting: –

0800 014 1982 –

The screening also  potentially saved the life of many serving officers- one of whom was a  forty year old Inspector. A “sports  fanatic,” healthy eater and non-smoker.  He had an ECG( heart trace) as part of the programme. He was found to have a faulty heart valve and fortunately had it replaced before he collapsed. Another force member was discovered to have a hereditary heart condition which meant that his heart could stop at any time –  he was immediately referred to a Cardiologist and is still with us today. Airwaves The original study has completed its rounds and the team at Imperial want to carry out a rerun, inviting those original participants for a follow up screen.  Open to all original participants, even if retired. Letters have been sent out to those within a 10 mile radius of Bridgend. If you live outside that area, have moved or have not received your letter you can still participate. Contact To Health – the company carrying out the screening. Checks are being  carried out in Workare Health Care Clinic on Waterton Industrial Estate. The company started the whole process and its back with them for a second time. Imperial College want to see as many of the original participants as possible, so please let your colleagues know. Posters will be up in Police Stations along with information circulated by the Police Federation. Don’t hesitate sign up, come back to see us and let us know how you have been in the last 10 years! Workare Waiting and Reception area Workare

What’s in the screening?

Clinic Appointment

  • Personal details (name, address, GP address etc.)
  • Any current or prior medical conditions, medications you are taking, and questions about lifestyle
  • Blood pressure, height, weight, waist and hip size
  • Body composition (proportion and distribution of fat in your body)
  • An electrocardiogram (ECG) and pulse wave velocity (PWV) measurement
  • Possibly spirometry (lung function test), heel ultrasound and grip strength.
  • Urine, blood and/or saliva sample
  • A computer-based questionnaire about your general health
  • A computer-based cognitive test

Other than providing the blood sample, all measurements are non-invasive. Full details of each test and the significance of the results are explained in the booklet A Guide to Understanding Your Results. An easy to read guide, it provides background on each of the measurements. A copy can be downloaded from Imperial College website, under the Resource section. Airwave Health Study Poster

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