Controlling Exposures to Lung Disease

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There are many situations across a construction site in which any or all of the various trades may be at risk of exposure to substances that are harmful to health. These hazardous substances should have been identified in the risk assessment at the start of the project, and a COSHH assessment carried out for all activities where exposure could occur.

Worker Health Protection for Construction

HI Standard is a management tool for managers responsible for their organisation’s health and safety, to help them prevent and control employees’ exposures to the risks from construction work that cause ill health and disease. It provides a six point framework of good practice, to help companies of all sizes to introduce, manage and improve their Worker Health Protection programmes, ensuring that the health risks are properly recognised, evaluated and controlled. –

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Asbestos Licensed WorkerBricklayerCarpenterConcrete SprayerDemolition OperativeElectricianForm WorkerGeneral Site OperativeGlazierPainter/DecoratorPipe Fitter • Plumbing/Heating Engineer • PlastererRoad WorkerRooferSpecialist Plant OperativeSteel Erector/FabricatorStonemasonWall/Floor Tiler Welder

Work Related Lung Disease