Occupational Health Provider

Generally speaking employers who regularly use an occupational health provider show a statistically significant reduction in their level of sickness absence. This means that you usually realise a clear return on your investment as well as meeting your legal requirements.

It Is Important To Have An Occupational Health Provider that :

  • Understands your business needs.
  • Can respond quickly to your queries.
  • Is flexible in their approach.
  • Can communicate well.
  • Is independent and can give you unbiased advice.
  • Has proven competency levels.

Always :

  • Consider a few providers.
  • Look for a company with knowledge of the industry.
  • Always ask for references.
  • Always check that the provider has appropriate insurance.
  • Agree the terms and condition of the service on both sides.
  • Review and monitor the service.
  • Meet the provider and establish exactly what they can and cannot offer.
  • Use the assessment attached when choosing a provider.
  • Always ask what the qualifications are of the medical professionals providing the service- remember that to call themselves an Occupational Health Nurse the nurse must be qualified in Occupational Health and on Part 3 of the NMCRegister. They can use the post nominals SCPHN – OH.

View the Occupational Health Assessment Form

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