Dermatology Screening

Work-related skin problems are caused or made worse by exposure to or coming into contact with substances such as chemicals and oils.

What should I do about it?

There are simple, cost-effective steps employers and workers can take to avoid skin problems at work, and to manage them if they do happen, using the Avoid, Protect and Check approach. (Courtesy of HSE web site)

What Workare Dermatology Screening Provides :

We would carry out a screening program that looks at the hands and arms of your employees.

  • To identify any areas of concern relating to possible skin exposure.
  • To help you meet your legal requirements under COSHH Regulations and assist in good skin health.

What is involved

  • A questionnaire that asks about substances being used now and in the past.
  • A physical examination of hands and arms and ask about care of skin in work.
  • Advice given at the time to the employee about skin care.
  • A health record form for the company as proof of screening.

Workare has access to a Consultant Occupational Dermatologist in cases where further investigation is indicated.

Situations Where Health Surveillance is appropriate

  • Where employees are liable to be exposed to substances known to cause skin sensitisation (allergic contact dermatitis).
  • Where employees are liable to be exposed to substances known to cause urticaria.
  • Where there have been previous cases of work related skin disease, such as dermatitis or urticaria in the workforce/place.
  • Where there is reliance on PPE, eg gloves as an exposure control measure; eg printers wearing gloves to protect against solvents used during press cleaning, or paint sprayers using two-pack paints wearing gloves and overalls. Even with the closest supervision there is no guarantee that PPE will be effective at all times.
  • Where there is evidence of skin disease in jobs within the industry; eg frequent or prolonged contact with water (termed ‘wet-working’) causing dermatitis in hairdressers and healthcare workers.
  • Where employees are liable to be exposed to hexavalent chromium compounds eg mists from chrome plating baths causing chrome ulcers in platers.

This is not a definitive or exhaustive list and there will be many other instances where health surveillance is required.


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