Driver medical

At Workare we provide driver medicals that follow the HSE guideline standard for Fork lift Truck drivers.

Medical Standards Guidance For Employers

Lift Trucks

Frequency of testing.

It is good practice for all operators and potential operators to be screened for fitness before employment and again at regular intervals in middle age. Examination at age 40 and thereafter at five-yearly intervals up to age 65 is recommended. Operators over 65 should be screened annually. Examination is also recommended in all cases after an accident or sickness absence of more than one month, or after a shorter period if it appears likely that the illness may affect fitness to operate. Should any operator or employer suspect or become aware of a condition which might affect ability to operate a lift truck, then examination should also take place. It is recommended that any requirement for medical screening and/or examination should be agreed between employer and employee in advance under a contract of employment. Source HSE Guidance

Car Van drivers

The DVLA guidance on Fitness to drive applies and gives guidance to those driving Class 1 vehicles (cars) and Class 2 ( HGV/PSV ).

Application Of Medical Standards

  • Always judge a person’s fitness for operating a vehicle individually.
  • Match the requirements of the driving task with the fitness and abilities of the driver.
  • For most work, a standard equivalent to Group 1 will be appropriate.
  • In some cases, however, a more stringent standard may be required such as Group 2 or Plant Operators Guidance.

How often should you carry out a Driver Medical?

  • All existing and potential workplace transport operators should be screened for fitness at employment and at five-yearly intervals from age 40 to 65 and  then annually over 65.
  • Group 2 licences are renewable five-yearly from age 45 by a doctor.
  • Group 2 after age 65 should have annual assessments for fitness by a doctor.
  • We recommend assessment after an absence of more than one month or after a shorter absence if it is likely that the illness has affected the worker’s fitness to operate workplace transport.
  • If a GP signs a worker off as fit to return to work, it may not be the same as fitness to operate workplace transport.

Workare Driver Assessments

Fork Lift Truck Driver Medical – We follow the HSE Guidance

  • Each person’s fitness for operating a lift truck should always be judged individually.
  • The underlying approach should be to match the requirements of the particular driving task with the fitness and abilities of the driver.
  • For most work a standard equivalent to that of the Group 1 entitlement will be appropriate.
  • In some cases, however, a more stringent standard may be required, for example …….demanding environment, working at night, or if large, heavy trucks are to be operated. In these instances some or all of the medical standards equivalent to that of Group 2 entitlement may be appropriate.
  • Every medical should however include a questionnaire, blood pressure check hearing check, vision check, agility check, heart conditions, nervous conditions, psychological issues and a urine test for sugar.

Questions the employer should think about

Are you satisfied that your drivers are sufficiently fit and healthy to drive safely and not put themselves or others at risk?

  • Do Class 2 HGV drivers have the appropriate licence in place?
  • Do all your drivers have regular medicals to makes sure they are safe to drive?
  • Do you remind your staff that there are minimum eyesight standards to meet if they are driving and how to do you ensure that they meet the standards?
  • Have you told staff that they should not drive, or undertake other duties, while taking a course of medicine that might impair their judgement?

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