Lifestyle Screening

Lifestyle Screening

Lifestyle screening can help promote health, improve productivity and staff morale, thus reducing sickness absence.

Workare Lifestyle screen incorporates simple clinical tests to build a picture of your general health – we can adapt the screen to suit your particular requirements.

Our basic screen includes

  • Height and Weight measurement to give BMI
  • Blood Pressure
  • Waist measurement
  • Body Fat analysis using a Tanita machine
  • Cholesterol fingertip screen test- non fasting
  • Glucose fingertip test
  • Urinalysis for Protein and sugar

We then discuss the results with you, give you a results sheet and any other information that may be needed.

Time – 20 minutes per person

Explanation Of Lifestyle Screening Tests

  • BMI

Body Mass index is a measure of whether you are a healthy weight for your height.

  • Blood Pressure

Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels

  • Waist measurement

Waist measurement is a common measure used to check for fat held around the stomach. Having extra body fat around the stomach-more than 88 cm (35 in.) for women and more than 102 cm (40 in.) for men-increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

  • Body Fat Percentage

Your body fat percentage is essential to know when evaluating your health. It divides your total weight in two categories: fat mass and everything else. You need fat to keep you warm and to protect your organs and joints. However, it is not healthy to have too much or too little fat.

If your body fat percentage is too low, your resistance to diseases and energy levels are lower, and you are at risk of health issues. If your body fat percentage is too high, you have a higher risk of diabetes and other health problems.

  • Cholesterol

The waxy, fat like substance in the blood that can cause major heart problems if it is allowed to get too high.

  • Glucose

The amount of sugar that is present in the blood. High levels of sugar could be an indicator of diabetes.

  • Urine test

Urine tests are essential for providing information to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of a wide range of diseases and we check for kidney problems or possible early Diabetes.

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