Workare FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I decide what Occupational Health provider to use?

This can be confusing. Always check the detail – how long have they been in business? What accreditations do they have?  Are their staff qualified? How well do they know your business? Ring and ask some questions- are you confident with their answers?

Check out reviews people have left. Feel free to use the EEF Guide on our website

Remember that you get what you pay for as the saying goes!!!

What services do you provide?

We are an Occupational Health Company who provide a wide range of services relating to the effect of work on health and the effect of health on work.

Please refer to the full list of services on our website.

Where do you cover geographically?

Our head office is based in Bridgend South Wales. We work extensively around South Wales and the South West. Our main clinic is in Bridgend, with occupational health assessments across the whole of South Wales and South West

What are your consulting room facilities like?

Our rooms in Bridgend are private and fully equipped. We are located on the first floor and do not have a lift. There is lots of on – site parking and situated two minutes from J35 of the M4

Our clinic in Bristol is on the ground floor and based in Avonmouth with easy access from the M49.

How do I pay?

You can pay by BACS or credit card. We will automatically generate an invoice for your records.

 Who will carry out the Assessment?

All our staff are qualified Occupational Health professionals. We also have a specialist qualification in Occupational Health – ALWAYS ASK THE QUALIFICATIONS OF THE STAFF CARRYING OUT THE ASSESSMENT


What is a Fitness Medical? – Often called a Safety Critical Medical

This is an assessment that determines if you are fit to carry out certain types of work.

Many main contractors insist that people on site are fit to do their job – they might ask for evidence of this.

The standards are laid down by National Bodies. Certain criteria must be met to be passed fit. If you are declared fit- you will be given a certificate.

How do I know which Fitness Medical to have?

The main contractor on site should let you know. Be aware that if you are working at height or in confined spaces you will need a Height or Confined Space Safety Critical Fitness medical.

If you are working on wind turbines, you will need a specific Wind Turbine Medical.

What happens if I fail a Fitness Medical?

It depends on the reason for failing- some things can be put right. If you need glasses for driving or your blood pressure needs reducing, these things can be sorted out by an optician or GP.

Some things may not be able to be put right- poor hearing being one.

The Workare Process

If we come across an issue during a medical, we can delay it for a month to allow the person to sort out the issue (if this is possible).

You will not be given a Pass or Fail result at that time. When you are seen again, you will be assessed and declared Fit or Not Fit.

There is no extra charge for the follow up review, as long as it’s within a month.

How long does a Fitness Medical Certificate last?

Normally 3 years – could be less if there is a specific need.

Is a Fitness /Safety Critical Medical the same as other medicals?

No, the criteria is very specific to that area of work.

Manager Referrals

What is the process?

We have our own referral form which is easy to complete.

This provides information to our clinicians who can make assessments more easily. We can send you a form via email or post.

What happens following a referral?

All referrals are triaged by our Senior Occupational Health Advisor. This is followed by a recommendation on whether the employee should be seen by a Specialist OH Nurse or Occupational Physician.

If necessary, an appointment can be made at the respective clinic.

Does the employee have access to the referral form?

It is particularly important to fully discuss any referral with the employees in the first instance.

Is the OH assessment independent?

An assessment and report will be provided after a referral from a company – this is a completely independent opinion.

What happens following recommendations in the report?

Any recommendations made in the report are just that. We provide high quality, evidence-based advice.

It is up to management to decide whether the recommendations are feasible in an operational context.

Does the doctor have access to medical records?

The Occupational Health professional will only be able to access what is provided to them at the referral stage.

If a report from a GP or consultant is felt necessary, this is referred to in the report.

The company can decide whether they will fund the report requested.

Will an assessment give a diagnosis?

An occupational health assessment is to advise management of the general situation. This does not provide unnecessary clinical information. Whilst we do not diagnose disease, we can give an opinion on what might be a likely problem. If necessary, we could liaise with physicians if we feel it appropriate

What happens if the employee does not want to be referred or declines the assessment?

An employee has the choice not to attend or take part in any occupational health process. If this is the case, management and the company will manage the situation without medical advice.

We would recommend that a company encourages employees to attend.

Do I get a copy of the report?

Yes, you automatically get a copy of the report. You also have the option to see the report before it goes to the company. If you are seen by a Physician, the opportunity for any factual errors to be corrected can be made.