Lead Medical

Working with lead can put your health at risk, causing symptoms including headaches, stomach pains and anaemia. Other serious symptoms could include kidney damage, nerve and brain damage and infertility. The control of Lead at Work Regulations require employers to control workers exposure to lead.
Source HSE web site

What do employers have to do if employees are working with Lead?

  • Assess the risk.
  • Introduce control measures, and carry out air monitoring if exposure is ‘significant’.
  • Ensure high standards of personal hygiene.
  • Place employees under medical surveillance if exposure is ‘significant’.
  • Provide employees with information, instruction and training.

Appointed Doctors

An Appointed doctor is a registered medical practitioner appointed by the HSE to undertake statutory medical surveillance. The HSE is responsible for the following regulations where medical surveillance conducted by an Appointed doctor may be required. You have a legal duty to ensure your employees are under periodic medical supervision if they work with specified hazards under certain conditions.

The purpose of statutory medical surveillance is to alert your employees to early signs of potential health problems caused by the work they are doing, and provide advice on whether further exposure to the particular hazard is appropriate. The Appointed doctor should make an employer aware of any emerging issues so the employer reviews the risk assessment as appropriate, to ensure risks to your employees’ health are properly controlled.

Workare Doctor Clinic

One of the Appointed doctors who can carry out Lead Medicals  has a regular clinic at our premises in Bridgend.

Lead Medicals take 45 minutes and include

  • A questionnaire.
  • Blood or urine test sent away for analysis.

All paperwork is completed at the time, Individuals and companies welcome.

The laboratory we use is part of the National External Quality Assessment Scheme (UK NEQAS) known to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

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