SEQOHS Is The Benchmark For Occupational Health


SEQOHS stands for ‘Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service’ and is a professionally-led accreditation scheme. It is based on a set of standards for occupational health services in the UK and beyond. Occupational health services must demonstrate they meet these standards before they can be awarded SEQOHS accreditation.

To become accredited, services must demonstrate their adherence to the SEQOHS standards. These are categorised into six domains:

A: Business probity
B: Information Governance
C: People
D: Facilities and Equipment
E: Relationships with Purchasers
F: Relationships with Workers

The SEQOHS standards were developed by professional groups and are hosted and maintained by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM). Accreditation is awarded by the Royal College of Physicians.

SEQOHS accreditation provides independent and impartial recognition that the occupational health service provider has objectively demonstrated their competence, as defined by the SEQOHS standards, to a team of trained assessors.

A searchable list of occupational health and occupational health physiotherapy services that have achieved SEQOHS accreditation can be found at

Workare Ltd

We were the first private Occupational Health Company in Wales to gain the SEQOHS Accreditation. “We work mainly with the private sector, although we do have had contracts with Public Sector Organisations, so being SEQOHS-accredited is really good in terms of kudos. It has raised our profile no end,” says Managing Director Lorainne Jenkins.

“There are a lot of OH companies, especially small sole traders, masquerading as something they are not, and it can be very difficult for clients to distinguish what is a good trader and what is not. Being able to show you have a recognised quality mark is important.

“Even though we are small we are well run – for example, we have been accredited with Investors in People for the past 15 years. You have to be very well organised and If you have been through the audit process before, that helps. For a small company, especially if you have nothing in place beforehand, it can be an awful lot of work. The challenge is that, as a process, it has really been designed for larger organisations. “My assessors were not really sure what to expect, and so we had to have all the policies and procedures in place “What it does is make you focus on things that are often overlooked, such as regular audit. Just going through the process has been helpful.

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